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Umberto Gambardella

(last update Juy 18, 2024)

I spent almost the whole working time on superconductivity see here for a short survey (in italian). First I worked on on small superconducting devices (Josephson junctions), and then on large scale devices (magnets). Of course, I had to learn cryogenics for working in LHe (-269°C) environment: in my life, among other activities in cryogenics, I was responsible for the procurement of three He large refrigerators: a TCF30 from Sulzer, LISA project, a LR280 from Linde Kryotechnik, PON program, a VL200 Special from Vorbuchner, for IRIS. Cryogenic also requires knowledge of vacuum technologies: at beginning I learned these technologies for thin film deposition, and later they were useful for cryostats and beam pipes in accelerator devices.


PNRR IRIS (global funding 60 M€). My job as Salerno Work Package leader started with the design of the new laboratory, and went on with the main expensive procurements (the cryogenic refrigerator, the 40 kA power converter, etc.) to set up the new Research Infrastructure for testing superconducting power energy lines (up to 40 kA, with a voltage level of 25kV)


Test of SIS100 Superconducting Quadrupole Modules (FAIR). Under my responsability the whole THOR laboratory was realized within the previous PON premises. In this laboratory the first quadrupole modules of the SIS100 have been successfully tested at 4.5 K.


Superconducting magnets for axion detector. I was the Salerno group leader of the QUAX experiment, leaded by the Legnaro and Padova Group, together with the Frascati, Trento and Salerno Groups. My duty concerned the use superconducting magnets in such experiments, which need an intense magnetic field surrounding the detector. Of course we also took care of the mitigation of the magnetic field around sensitive electronics.


PONa3_00007: new infrastructure for Power Superconductivity. The DISCORAP program put in evidence a missing infrastructure in Italy for testing complete accelerator magnets. For this reason I strongly suggested INFN to take part of this PON project. The PON was funded with 10.8 M€ splitted among 4 organizations (UniSA, ENEA, INFN, and CRIS), with the aim to set a new infrastructure where to carry out activity on accelerator superconducting magnets and superconducting high current cable for fusion. I was the responsible for the INFN part (3.5 M€) fully devoted to achieve a full working test station for superconducting accelerator magnets, made of a cryogenic refrigerator at 4.5K, a 2 quadrants 20 kA (500 kW) power converter, and ancillary equipment (S/C current lead, He tank, cooling water, etc.). At the end of the PON this was the only target achieved and working (of course within the building realized by UniSA). This activity then give rise to the THOR program to support FAIR.


INFN DISCORAP project (complete realization of 4.5T fast ramped, bended, 6 ton, 4 meter long prototype s/c dipole for SIS300 synchrotron) launched by the INFN Genova Section: in Salerno I contributed to this large project with VSM characterization, ac susceptibility measurements of low loss NbTi wire; design, and manufacturing of the cryostat for DISCORAP prototype dipole; cryostat/dipole integration.


MgB2 film deposition, MgB2 tapes and wires characterization (dc transport and VSM magnetic measurements), MgB2 tape applications (pancake cryogen free magnet, racetrak). Experimental study on stability features in MgB2 tapes and HTS 2nd generation tapes (YBCO coated conductors)


Experimental studies on transport properties of HTc tapes under high magnetic field, Nb3Sn wire for NED (Next European Dipole) magnetic measurements with high field VSM, experimental measurements of losses in thin filaments NbTi wire for ramped magnets


1D and 2D array of Josephson junction: experiments and numerical simulations


Superconducting wiggler for synchrotron radiation (SCOW project, INFN Frascati) - Superconducting cavities for linear particle accelerators (LISA project, INFN Frascati>


Dynamical states in Josephson junctions - dilution refrigerators – Vacuum technologies instructor (160 h) at Alfa Romeo Avio spa (aircraft engines manufacturer and maintenance, Italy


Cryogenic cooling, Gifford McMahon closed cycle cryocoolers, cryopumps - dynamical states in long Josephson junctions