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Umberto Gambardella

(last update July 15, 2024)

Though I have been riding a motorbike since 12 years old, I got my own first Piaggio Vespa PX150E in 1982. It was very nice, but, after 20 years, I made the leap: from 8 HP I switched to a 95 HP bike! The bike was a Yamaha Fazer FZS600. This suddenly widened the bike trips horizon. I started to take part of group meetings and rides in Italy. Of course the more you ride, the more you feel the need to have more... In 2005 I again made a leap: from 95 HP I rode a 143 HP bike. It was hazardous, and even dangerous, but the Yamaha FZS1000 Ex-up was an incredible bike, a tourer bike with an engine of a sport bike! There is a real feeling of "having somethingh powerful between legs" (I apologize for using a twofold meaning which does not take into account all genders, I do not want to hurt nobody) !!!

I tryed to recover pictures and moments of the events where I have been. I apologize for the poor and limited amount of material I am able to present here. From time to time I shall add more material.

list of events
2° Fazer annual meeting (Castiglion Fiorentino, Sept.18-20, 2023)
3° Fazer annual meeting (Numana, Sept.17-19, 2024)
6° Fazer annual meeting
2005 Yamaha Fest meeting (Misano Adriatico)
2004 1° Fazersiculo (Palermo)
2005 2° Fazersiculo (Altavilla Milicia)
2005 Motoraduno Aspromonte (Gambarie) - page under construction
2006 3° Fazersiculo (Capo D'Orlando)
2007 4° Fazersiculo () - page under construction